Tahsildar Vijaya Reddy Gets A Tearful Farewell

5 Nov, 2019 19:24 IST|Sakshi
Tahsildar Vijaya Reddy Gets A Tearful Farewell

The State of Telangana had bid a tearful adieu to Tahsildar Cherukuri Vijaya Reddy’s at her last rites that were performed at the Nagole Cemetry on Tuesday. She was attacked by a farmer named Suresh, who had a pending court case against him and his brother. Suresh had visited the Tahsil office with some petrol. He walked into the Thaisildar’s office and locked the door from inside. They broke into an argument which then turned physical. He threw some petrol and set her on fire. He also had caught fire and sustained 60% burns in the bargain. The driver that tried to save the Thaisildar also saw his end a day later as he succumbed to the burn injuries that were inflicted on him while he tried to save Vijaya Reddy.

The Tahsildar was accorded a funeral where a lot people had landed at the cemetery to pay their lasts respects. Many revenue officials and locals participated in large numbers. Many political leaders expressed their condolences to her family for their loss. Her husband Subhash Reddy performed her last rites. She is survived by her husband and two children.

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