Cracks a top of Uppal Metro, Is it going to collapse?

12 Oct, 2019 11:04 IST|Sakshi
Uppal station has developed dangerous cracks on its body as well

Hyderabad: Just days after small portions of the Ameerpet Metro Station dropped onta pedestrian and killed her, the Uppal station has developed dangerous cracks on its body as well. Should this be a time to panic? Should there be a thorough overhaul of the metro station?

A huge crack being visible on the structure of the Uppal Metro station has sounded an alarm with the people around. After a similar incident occurred recently that took the life of one, people are taking precautions to not be a victim of what could happen, If a shard of concrete was to fall off the structure.

Why is this happening? Was the materials used to build the structures of lower quality? Or are the rains playing its game with the newly built structure? Whatever be it, it is a threat to people and their lives and the metro rail should take steps to strengthen its structure to avoid any disasters that are to happen in the future.

The people of Hyderabad had statrted to circulate the above poicture around with a warning stating that the Metro Station was about to collapse, and to stay away from being under or anywhere close to the Uppal Metro Station

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