Eggy Day-Kandukur Goes It In A Novel Way

13 Oct, 2019 12:17 IST|Sakshi
World Egg Day Celebrated In Kandukur 

Hyderabad: "Layer poultry farmers" organised an event at Kandukur head quarters in Ranga Reddy district, to create awareness on nutritive value of eggs. The Programme was aimed to push poultry industry with healthy production of eggs and to make people aware of egg's nutritious value. There was also a discussion on how to push the poultry sector to increase output and improve efficiency.

This programme was attended by Mandal level Leaders and village sarpanches, poultry Pharma companies along with veterinary doctors. The important guests attended the program were MPP M Jyothi, MPTC B Jyothi, Sarpanches S Shamanthaka Mani, Malla Reddy and Palle Vasantha,  Ex Sarpanch Madava Reddy along with J Ram Reddy, Tankari Srinivas Reddy, Maddula Srikanth Reddy, Purnachandar Reddy, E Ram Reddy, Gourishankar, Khaja Moinuddin and local villagers.

According to an estimate, the per capita consumption in India is around 70 eggs per year which needs to be improved to at least 180 eggs per head per annum. Interestingly the Chinese consume 300 eggs per person on an average and a Japanese individual eats 320 eggs annually.

Organisers and volunteers distributed 5000 eggs in Kandukur, Kotur, Kothaguda, Gudur and Jaithwarum after explaining them about the importance of eggs in growing children, pregnant ladies, obesity people, old people etc among all age group people.

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