65 Year Old Man Rapes, Impregnates Minor

18 Aug, 2019 14:57 IST|Sakshi
65 Year Old Man Rapes, Impregnates Minor

Jagtial: An old man allegedly raped a girl, who came for summer vacation to his neighbour's house in Jagtial. As per reports, a girl (15) from Puranipeta of Jagtial is studying tenth class in a residential school. The girl went to her relatives' house during summer vacation.

On Saturday, the old man (65) asked the girl to cook food for him at his home and raped her. He threatened her not to disclose information to anyone. She was frightened and did not tell anyone including her family members.

The girl had been suffering from stomach ache for the past few days. The incident came to light when school teachers informed about the child's condition to her parents. They took her to a nearby hospital where doctors informed them that she is pregnant. They said she in her fourth month of pregnancy. When parents questioned the girl she revealed that the old man raped her during her summer vacation.

The local police said that they haven't received any complaint from the family members of the victim.

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