Intruder In OU Girls Hostel Bathroom Threatens Student At Knife-Point

16 Aug, 2019 14:15 IST|Sakshi
OU Girls Hostel

Hyderabad: An intruder created a sensation after he entered the bathroom of the Ladies Hostel located in the Osmania University campus near the engineering college and threatened a girl at 3 am on Friday morning. Earlier, he appears to have scaled the wall of the building near a narrow opening in the barbed wire fencing along the boundary. Pointing a knife at the girl who entered the bathroom he threatened to kill her if she raised an alarm. The frightened girl shouted and when other girls in the hostel heard her screams, they came rushing forcing the intruder to flee the scene by jumping over the wall. As per details revealed by the Circle Inspector of police, Osmania University Police Station, Rajashekhar Reddy, A girl from Osmania University engineering College hostel got up in the wee hours of Thursday morning to go to the rest room. She saw an intruder getting into her room after scaling the wall of the hostel. When he threatened her by pointing a knife at her, she ran into the bathroom and bolted the door. The assailant then bolted the bathroom and three other rooms from outside. Later, he entered the bathroom and threatened the girl pointing a knife at her. He pulled her out of the bathroom and in trying to free herself from his grip, she sustained minor injuries.

When other girls, hearing the victim’s screams tried to catch hold of the intruder, he threatened them with a knife and escaped by climbing over the wall on the rear side of the hostel. While he was trying to escape, the cell phone which he had stolen fell from his hand. Police suspect that the intruder got into the hostel with the intention of stealing the mobile phone. The cops sent the girl to Durgabai Deshmukh Hospital near the Osmania University campus for treatment of minor injuries.

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