Freak Accident: Park Bench Claims 6-Year Old’s Life

26 Apr, 2019 12:18 IST|Sakshi
Site of the mishap

Hyderabad: In an unfortunate accident, a six-year-old boy died while playing in a community park in Janapriya - Utopia Apartments at Hyderguda in Hyderabad.

The boy who was identified as Divith Sharma, was playing with other children in the park. Taking a break from the game the boy sat on the cement bench and started swinging his legs. Within seconds, the bench suddenly fall on him and the boy was under the cement bench. His friends and the people around immediately rushed toward the boy and removed him from under the bench. As seen in the CCTV footage he had suffered severe injuries to the head as the bench had fallen directly on his head.

The profusely bleeding boy was taken to the hospital by his mother in an auto rickshaw, but he had already died by then. The boy's father Bhushan Sharma has registered a case of negligence against the builders with the Rajendranagar Police officials.

As seen in the apartment complex park, four cement benches were made of cement. Three were already broken and the fourth one was perched precariously on the cement hinges,which could be the reason why the bench would have fallen off.

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