EVMs Transport In Jagtial During Night Time Raises Suspicion

16 Apr, 2019 11:11 IST|Sakshi
EVMs were being transported in Jagtial on Monday night

Jagitial: With already a number of claims on the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) circulating throughout the country, a fresh incident in Telangana has caused a turmoil.

Two persons were caught transporting EVMs in an auto-rickshaw during the night in Jagtial district. The incident took place on Monday night near the Jagtial Tahsildar office. Noticing the EVMs in the auto-rickshaw, locals nearby approached them. Upon being questioned regarding the EVMs, the auto driver's confusing replies raised suspicions.

Also, there were no authorities present during the transportation of the EVMs. The locals captured photos and videos of the incident, further sharing them on social media. The duo are claiming that the EVMs are demo machines. However, authorities are yet to confirm this claim.

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