Telangana will be a 'mission unaccomplished' by Congress

12 Sep, 2013 14:48 IST|Sakshi
Telangana will be a 'mission unaccomplished' by Congress

The ruling party or more powerfully called the Congress High Command added a chapter to the history of Andhra Pradesh on July 30 when it declared a separate statehood for the Telangana region.

While pro-Telangana activists who were waiting with bated breath were thrilled to hear the news, the same feeling was not shared by the Samaikyandhra supporters who dreaded to know that the state will soon be broken into two pieces. Many feel it's as if you are sharing your own kid!

Ever since the landmark decision was made official by the Congress Working Committee, the state has witnessed intensified agitations to veto the Centre's decision. While the debate over the bifurcation of state rages on, political analysts are taking it easy. For, several of them historians who have been closely watching the developments ever since the fight for Telangana was initiated in the 60s, feel that these are mere political gimmicks by the Congress to get retain its voter base in AP.

A senior member in politics who wished to remain anonymous terms the entire operation 'vote bank politics.'

Although every part of the state has been affected in some way or the other by the decision, one city that continues to be in news is Hyderabad.

Be it the Centre's announcement declaring the Nawabi city a joint capital for both states or TRS chief K Chandrasrekhara Rao instigating people with his provocative statement that workers from Seemandhra region leave Hyderabad and return to their homeland, or the very latest report which says that the Congress has almost agreed on making the city a union territory. Even a month after the decision, confusion prevails.

The buzz in the political circles is that the drama is far from over! Even as the Telangana people look forward to their dream becoming reality, the Congress is back to its dilly-dallying ways. The next step before initiating the process of carving out Telangana would be Antony committee's visit to the state to take stock of the situation. What happens next is anybody's guess. Many feel that Congress will delay and push the final decision till the next elections. The ongoing Seemandhra agitations is only helping them.

In the meantime, 'make hay while the sun shines' seems to be the latest mantra of politicians in the state. Leaders from across the parties are taking part in the ongoing agitations, while some others are lobbying in Delhi to stall the process...A few others however, have decided to restrict themselves to the confines of their home! The truth this, none of them can have a say in the final decision. Yet, they do not want to let go of a golden opportunity to earn a few extra votes for themselves.

Congress has received a lot of criticisms with several leaders saying Telangana was declared only to make Rahul the next prime minister. The million dollar question is if the party will succeed in its mission?


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