EC To Keep A Close Eye On Candidates’ Expenditure

22 Mar, 2019 18:14 IST|Sakshi
Election commision of India

The Election Commission has taken up the job of putting the candidates contesting in elections under closer scrutiny. They are taking into account every activity, every expenditure and every transcation and are executing full surveillance.

Serious scrutiny will be followed with respect to the audit of expenditure of the candidates, and cautious evaluation of expenditures should be done by officers. Ramsing Shekavat and G Muniganda Swamy have been appointed as expenditure observers for Khammam Lok Sabha constituency.

Ramsing Shekavat said that a videographer’s team, assistant returning officers, flying squads, accounts teams, statistical surveillance teams, members of media certification and monitoring committees should be alert in counting every financial activity of the candidates. Complaints have to be addressed without delay and secrect should be maintained when it comes to information coming from C-vigil.

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