Newly Elected Legislators With Criminal Records

13 Dec, 2018 13:41 IST|Sakshi
Only few candidates were complacent to the <a href="">Supreme Court</a> order of publishing their criminal record.

Hyderabad: Telangana Elections 2018 seemed like a cake walk for the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS ) party candidates. The Opposition claimed that the elections have seen heavy  budgeted campaigns and huge flow of money, liquor and freebies.

Election Commission officially declared that close to Rs 137 Crore of money was seized during the elections season this year. There were many complaints registered against the leaders of different parties.

Another fact adding to the above mentioned   point  was  that sixty-seven legislators (or 56.3 per cent ) who were declared elected on Tuesday have a ‘criminal’ record.

TRS emerged as the single largest party to form the government in Telangana stepping in for a second term, which shows that the highest number of such MLAs with criminal records come from the TRS which is 44 legislators . The Prajakutami has 16 such legislators, AIMIM one and BJP MLA, T. Raja Singh, who is the only one who has won the election from the BJP ticket has 43 criminal cases pending against him .

The cases range from issues like blocking roads and halting trains, as part of the protest especially during the statehood agitation to cases which are of serious in nature. Earlier, the government dropped the charges in many cases against political heavyweights. If the similar situation continues the day is not far off when the Assembly will be full of people having cases against them. There is a need for voters to introspect, said a retired official.

Only few candidates were complacent to the Supreme Court order of publishing their criminal record. In September , the SC ordered that the candidate as well as the political party shall issue three declarations in widely circulated newspapers in the neighbourhood about the antecedents of the candidates and also give wide publicity in the electronic media.

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