Wanaparthy TRS Candidate Bets On Palle Nidra For Votes  

2 Nov, 2018 19:16 IST|Sakshi
Singireddy Niranjan

Wanaparthy: Singireddy Niranjan is the TRS candidate from Wanaparthy constituency. He is also the State Planning Board Vice-Chairman of the caretaker government. Niranjan has been in touch with the voters of his constituency through the ‘Palle Nidra’ (a night in a village) programme. It is because of this programme, he has managed to get closer to the people and also sees this as ‘a learning experience’.

Niranjan had lost the 2014 elections, but he continued his palle nidhra programme. As part of his recent election campaign, he halted for the night at Alwal village, Peddamandhadi mandal and he has planned a three-day tour of the mandal. He also kept reaching out to the people in his constituency in the capacity of Planning Board’s Vice-Chairman. It all started in 2015, since then he has been holding night halts occasionally in villages and for the past year or so, he is doing them quite often.

The night halts are planned in such a way that he would first choose a village where he would reach in the evening, prepare an agenda for the next day, mobilising stakeholders, holding a meeting and finally settle for sleep in the same village.

The next morning, he would interact with people and make a list of their problems.  If it's a civic problem, he would summon the concerned official and see to it that the problem is addressed.

He quoted former Assembly Speaker C Madhusudhanachary had done the same between 2009 and 2014, when asked the source of his inspiration.

“For administration to function well at the grass-roots level, there are minute things which can be resolved in the village itself, without taking them to the district administration. Few things have to be dealt with at mandal-level or constituency-level. With ‘Palle Nidra’, we can bring sarpanch, MPTC,chairman,members of Rythu Samanvaya Samithi under a single-window and to address the issues instantly. Whether these issues are resolved or not is secondary, but here people’s participation can be observed , which is the very essence of democracy in its true spirit,” he said.

He said “The way people articulated their issues and the suggestions, people could themselves come up with great ideas to make their lives better.” “I myself have gained a lot of patience during these exercises, and this will continue irrespective of win or loss in the elections,” he said.

Another outreach programme he has been successfully practicsing is reaching out to migrant workers and employees from Wanaparthy who have left to Hyderabad or other cities and States across India.

According to him, 5 to 10 per cent of voters have migrated to other places and getting them to vote would fetch him success in the upcoming elections. He held a get-together for people of Wanaparthy in Hyderabad last week, and after completing his Peddamandhadi campaign, he is keen on going to Mumbai, where thousands of migrant workers from Wanaparthy are working in construction and other unorganized sectors. He is very confident that they would vote for him. He also added “My party workers had successfully reached out to every voter in Wanaparthy constituency already.”

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