HC Relief To TRS Over Pragati Nivedana Sabha

31 Aug, 2018 15:35 IST|Sakshi
Hyderabad High Court

Hyderabad: The High Court today rejected the petition filed by Environmental Activist and Advocate, Poojari Sridhar, against permitting the Telangana Rashtra Samithi to hold its upcoming public meet 'Pragati Nivedana Sabha' on September 2. In the petition, the lawyer stated that the government could report its progress through digital and social media platforms. The Court's action comes as a relief to the ruling party, which is making arrangements for holding the meet with around 25 lakh people.

Sridhar requested the High Court to take action against the TRS for troubling the common public and also harming the environment. Hearing the petition for the second time, the Court questioned the government in this aspect. Replying to the question, the government's Advocate General said that no harm was being done to the environment and that all the arrangements for the meeting have already been finished.

Satisfied with the government's answer, the Judge suggested that the meeting should not cause inconvenience to the public. The High Court dismissed the petition after the Advocate General promised to take measures to avoid inconvenience to the public.

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