Telangana fire catches again in Congress!

15 Jun, 2013 16:41 IST|Sakshi
Telangana fire catches again in Congress!

Yet another threat is on the anvil to destabilize Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy. Successful tackling of TJAC called ‘Chalo Assembly’ brought applause to Kiran Government from Delhi top brass, but it ignited a fire in his own party.

A group of Telangana senior Congress leaders assembled at Minister for Panchayat Raj Jana Reddy’s chamber on Saturday and discussed about the unilateral decisions by Kiran Reddy. 

Unprecedented security arrangements to thwart the attempts of TJAC leaders from organizing Chalo Assembly drew strong criticism from Telangana leaders cutting across the party lines. The T Congress leaders apparently felt that all the T parties are on one side and they (T Congress leaders) are on the opposite side. The T leaders who attended the meeting in Jana Reddy’s chamber includes MPs Ponnam Prabhakar, Palvail Govardhan Reddy, Gutta Sekhender Reddy and Rapolu Anand Bhaskar, ministers  Sridhar Babu, Sudarshan Reddy and Basvaraju Saraiah and others strongly felt that suppression of Telangana movement would adversely effect on the party in Telangana in the next election. A situation has arisen where no sitting MLA or MP from Congress party can contest and win the election due to Kiran Reddy Government’s oppressive methods. 

The meeting mainly discussed on Chalo Assembly and its repercussions on the image of the party among the Telangana people. The Congress high command’s initiative at the core committee meeting on Friday to find a solution to Telangana tangle knocked the impetus over T MPs. They observed that it was the time to exert pressure on the party high command to take a stand on Telangana before the 2014 elections. 

The leaders reportedly proposed to meet the party high command as early as possible to explain the hardships being faced by them in the region. They decided to complain against Kiran Kumar Reddy for his tough stand on T activists and the movements. They also made up their mind to convey a strong message to the party high command that they cannot continue in the Kiran’s rule unless and until a decision is taken on Telangana. The meeting decided to hold an extensive meeting on June 18 with all the Telangana Congress leaders across the region. 


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