Indian ‘School Drop-Out’ Invents ‘Social Distancing’ Motorbike

30 Apr, 2020 13:42 IST|Sakshi
Partha Saha with his daughter on ‘Social Distancing’ Motorbike

AGARTALA: Since the global pandemic broke out, many people across the world are coming up with their creativity to bring awareness among people. From making home-made facial masks to delivering messages on the importance of precautionary measures to avoid virus attack, people are leaving no chance of spreading awareness.

Creativity does not require any degree! And this Indian mechanic proves it all!

An Indian school drop-out has built a motorbike with a one-metre gap between the rider and the passenger to drive home the importance of social distancing in the coronavirus pandemic.

Partha Saha, 39, bought an old bike from a scrap dealer, removed the engine and cut the machine in two before affixing a rod slightly longer than a metre to connect the wheels.

His new bike runs on battery power and has a top speed of 40 kilometres per hour (25 mph). It takes three hours to charge the battery, which allows the bike to travel 80 kilometres (50 miles)

Speaking to the media about his aim to create such bike with social distancing, Partha said, "Now I can ride with my eight-year-old daughter while maintaining a safe distance."

When the nation extended its lockdown this month until at least May 3, Saha realised the battle against the virus might not be over any time soon.

He used up his savings to make the vehicle, which he plans to use to ferry his daughter to and from school once the restrictions are lifted.

“I didn’t want her to take the school bus as it would be crowded,” said Saha, who works in a TV repair shop.

He had already tried his invention on streets which left everyone stunned with its design.

Not only this, Biplab Kumar Deb, Tripura’s chief minister, praised him for his amazing invention with such a good message amid pandemic.

“Necessity is the mother of invention! I congratulate Partha Saha… for making a unique motorcycle to create awareness during COVID-19 pandemic,” Deb tweeted

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