Techie Held For Sending Divorce Notice To Wife For Delivering Baby Girl

27 Jul, 2017 14:54 IST|Sakshi
Ramesh with his parents

Hyderabad: A techie was arrested on Wednesday after he issued a divorce notice to his wife as she gave birth to a baby girl in Uppal in the city.

According to police, the accused Ramesh, who is working as a software engineer in Wipro was married to Swapna on May 12, 2015. Swapna's family gave Rs25 lakh dowry at the time of marriage along with jewellery. As it was a joint family, Swapna also joined in private firm where she is drawing Rs50,000 salary. She would give the entire salary to his husband and in-laws. In August 2015, Swapna became pregnant, when the family heard the news Swapna's sister-in-law took her to a hospital for gender test.

When the family came to know that it was a girl child, they decided to abort it. As Swapna refused, they harassed her by not giving food. Due to the insufficient food and physical torture, Swapna's pregnancy got aborted.

In the year end of 2015, Swapna again became pregnant. Her sister-in-law again took her to a hospital for the gender test. When the doctor said that it was a baby girl, the family again tried to abort it. But Swapna went to her parents' place and delivered a baby girl in August 2016.

When Swapna returned to her in-laws home, they tortured her and threatened to kill her if she won't go back. Then Swapna went back to parents and stayed with them for over 10 months.

Meanwhile, Ramesh has sent a divorce notice to her. Unable bear the harassment, Swapna lodged a complaint against her husband and in-laws under domestic violence.

Ramesh had already engaged with a girl before marrying Swapna, but he concealed the matter and married Swapna.

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