TDP’s Revenge Politics Continues With New Cases Against Jogi Ramesh

10 Feb, 2018 16:52 IST|Sakshi
Jogi Ramesh

Vijayawada: The Telugu Desam Party's (TDP) revenge politics continues with a new case being filed against YSRCP general secretary Jogi Ramesh, on Saturday.

A case was filed by sub-inspector T Srinivas at the Ibrahimpatnam police station in Krishna district, stating that Jogi Ramesh allegedly used abuse language against him. Following the complaint, a case was registered by CI Pavan Kishore registered a case.

Earlier, police tried to file a false case against Jogi Ramesh. They said, Jogi Ramesh organised a padayatra in the villages of Kondapalli and Ibrahimpatnam. However, the padayatra caused massive traffic jam and also an autorickshaw passenger died, the police alleged. However, in reality the passenger Katte Ramulu died of heart attack. In this instance police failed to file a case following a public outcry against the high-handedness of the police.

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