TDP should govern, not rake muck!

23 Jun, 2014 10:58 IST|Sakshi
TDP should govern, not rake muck!

The Team Chandrababu Naidu is back to its slandering ways. If the proceedings on Monday are any indication, then his party and government are all out to distort the narrative of public discourse in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

While the Government should have focused on the issues pertaining to the truncated state, its lack of capital city, its infrastructural inadequacies and most importantly, its flagship programme of crop loan waiver and other things. But, the ruling party chose to divert the attention of the general public by throwing dirt on a person who is no longer alive and cannot defend himself.

The session was supposed to pass a resolution thanking the Governor for his address at the joint session of both houses of the state. There were several grey areas in Governor’s speech which the YSRCP was ready to raise and the debate would cause much discomfiture to the ruling TDP. So, TDP legislators like Dhulipala Narendra decided to attack late YSR.

While the rules clearly ordain that the house cannot discuss and debate on someone who is not in the house and therefore cannot defend himself, the TDP chose to attack YSR. Leader of Opposition YS Jagan had repeatedly tried to point out that the issues of development and problems facing the truncated state should be discussed forthwith. “Why is the Government shying away from the all-important issue of crop loan waiver?” Jagan asked and added that the Opposition was willing to offer constructive suggestions in addressing the state’s concerns.

When the bogey of mining lease allotments was deliberately and systematically raked up, YSRCP legislator Gadikota Srikanth Reddy said that TDP legislator Kaluva Srinivasulu had met Brahmani Steels’ Gali Janardhan Reddy, who is being targeted by the TDP, in Singapore and challenged him to show his passport if his allegation was wrong. He asked the TDP MLA if he was ready to resign if the allegation was proved. Kaluva too resorted to the all-too-familiar beating around the bush and did not choose to pick up the gauntlet.

The TDP, it appears, is clearly taken aback by Jagan’s rhetorical flourish and fact-based expositions. It is scurrying for cover in the face of a powerful and determined opposition. Monday’s proceedings are ominous portends that with more muck-raking would follow in the days to come. More failures on the part of TDP would only mean more innuendo and mud-slinging.  


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