TDP raising Sec 8 bogey as cover-up bid: YSRCP

24 Jun, 2015 17:06 IST|Sakshi
TDP raising Sec 8 bogey as cover-up bid: YSRCP

The YSR Congress Party has criticized TDP for trying to divert the attention of the people to cover up its fallacies by selectively popping up the provisions of the State Reorganisation Act and now there is much ado about Section 8 which is actually in force from the day the Act came into being.

“TDP is trying to rake up non issues and make a hue and cry about it as it stands exposed for its anti-people and undemocratic policies and now is raising the Section 8 bogey unmindful that it is part of the State Reorganisation Act which is already in force,” Party MLA, Rajendernath Reddy told reporters on Wednesday.

Along with Section 8 there are other provisions like the Special Status, funds to Polavaram, assurance to denotify degraded forest land for building the capital city, which are all in force from the appointed date June 2, 2014 but TDP is bring up non issues one after the other as a diversionary tactic, he said.

Section 8 is part of the Act and is already in force and there is no need to invoke certain provisions of the entire section. This is only to confuse the people and show it as a bogey for personal and political gains. TDP has been raising the issue of late but has been silent on the Special status, and the Centre’s assurance to denotify degraded forest land and setting up of educational institutions.

The Rs 100 crore allocated to Polavaram by the Centre is only to set up the Project Authority and the State Government is silent on the issue. It did not consult any of the political parties of the State and has been governing in a dictatorial manner shedding democratic practices.

Section 8 gives the Governor certain powers to intervene if the situation demands and he has two advisors appointed by the Centre and it should be left to Raj Bhavan. Every Act has a redressal provision which can be taken up if any party feels its interests are affected.

“Our contention is that invoking Section 8 does not arise as it is already in force and the TDP is popping up the issue time and again to cover up its failures and divert the attention of the people from the cash for vote scam in Telangana.

The Chief Minister instead of speaking in so many circles should be categorical whether it is his voice that is played or not. Instead TDP is trying to project the issue pertaining to the entire state and is trying to whip regional passions. The charge is against the President of TDP and not against the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh,” he said.


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