TDP MPs Will Not Resign: Chandrababu

4 Apr, 2018 20:51 IST|Sakshi
Chandrababu Naidu’s press conference in New Delhi

New Delhi: True to Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu's ambivalent style, he once again came up with mystifying answers and misguiding information at a press conference here today. He was accompanied by MPs at the conference.

It was clear that the AP CM was diluting the issue of Special Category Status (SCS) to the state and did not answer any question from the national media to the point. Instead, he responded with evasive replies.

The press conference started with a video presentation describing the injustice that was meted to the state. The presentation included speeches by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during 2014 election campaign and Amaravati ground breaking ceremony. Later he explained the reasons for breaking the alliance with NDA and criticised Modi as well as BJP. Then during the question and answers session, Chandrababu answered the media in a way which left everyone bewildered. Sample these responses:

Will you speak to AIADMK MPs who are stalling the Parliament proceedings? Chandrababu’s reply: "We always have good relationship with Tamil Nadu. Before the formation of Andhra Pradesh Telugu people were part of Madras state. We always have a soft corner for Tamilians. We gave them water through Telugu Ganga and we would like to further improve our relations with that state."

YSRCP has called for indefinite hunger strike, what is TDP's next step? He answered: "We have to stay within the system and fight. Resignations is no answer. I need all the media support. Some people try to approach the issue in a different way; that is not good for the state."

Do you mean to say that the protest by other parties is of no use? AP CM replied: "Everyone has the right to protest in their own way. For example BJP doesn't have a standing in AP, they don't have a vote. It is a known fact that they have to join hands with some party to have their presence felt. Let anything be done, credibility matters and you have to deliver on the promises made."

The Centre is not taking into consideration SC's judgement on the Cauvery issue. What is your take on it? Chandrababu answers: "I have been saying, the only solution to all these problems is inter-linking of rivers. In AP we have inter-linked Godavari and Krishna rivers. If needed we can supply more water to Tamil Nadu. But this responsibility is with the Centre—they have to take a call."

BJP is blaming you for walking out of NDA for political mileage, is it true? TDP chief said: "If BJP is saying that then they have to accept that in 2014, they have made a mistake. It is not right to say that AP government is corrupt after being together for last four years."

Your opinion on SCS for North East state. Chandrababu said: "North East states are very different and their needs are much different. They have to be granted SCS, along with them we are asking SCS to be granted to AP also. We have been kept waiting for 4 years. During my regime AP grew at the rate of 10.5 per cent."

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