TDP decisions politically motivated : Dharmana

10 Oct, 2014 17:34 IST|Sakshi
TDP decisions politically motivated : Dharmana

Describing as politically motivated, the cancellation of mining rights to Saraswati Power Company on flimsy grounds, YSR Congress has said that the decision has a strong accent of vindictiveness against political opponents and such an attitude is against the State interests.

“The Government cancelling the mining orders on very flimsy grounds shows that the decision is taken against political adversaries and not on the merits as there are industries that are in similar or even in worse situations as they could not get the needed permission on time,” party leader Dharmana Prasada Rao told reporters in Hyderabad on Friday.

At a time when rapid industrialization should be taken up in a big way to make the economy vibrant and provide employment opportunities to the locals, Government going on a hot pursuit hitting at the economic interests of political adversaries is setting up of a bad precedence and is not in the best interests of the State.

The land was not allotted by the Government and it was purchased from the farmers with their consent and mining could not begin due to procedural delays. Even government projects are delayed for not getting environmental, water and other such permissions and the State cancelling the mining rights showing some lame excuses is not justified and clearly shows its vindictive temperament, he said.

Industries are already facing problems on various counts and if the State goes on a witch-hunt there will be a setback for the economy as local will be deprived of employment opportunities. There are many companies which did not go operational, despite getting mining leases and the State being selective in cancelling the lease to Saraswati Company in Guntur district shows that it is targeting the Company that has YSR family members on the Board, he said.

Cancelling the lease, 14 months after receiving reply only shows the mindset of the TDP government and such decisions will mar the chances of getting more and more industrialists in to the State to set up shop. We will explore all available options to fight this injustice but the Government should shun such vindictive decisions, he said.

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