TDP Councillors Fist Fight in Tenali Municipality

29 Feb, 2016 18:40 IST|Sakshi
TDP Councillors Fist Fight in Tenali Municipality

Guntur: Two councillors belonging to Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in Tenali municipality indulged in fist fighting in the municipal council hall on Monday.Councillors Gummadi Ramesh and Pasupuleti Trimurthulu had an altercation over the entries of minutes book which one of them alleged were misleading. Soon it converted into a fierce exchange of abuses and Ramesh fericiously pounced on Trimurthulu and started punching his own party colleague and fellow councillor.

Other members of the council present in the hall remained shell-shocked over the sudden development and only female members could gather courage to stop the sparring councillors. Ramesh tore the shirt of Trimurthulu and both tried to start fist fight once again even after they were separated by their colleagues.

Chief minister and party president Chandrababu Naidu is reported to have taken the incident seriously.

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