TDP corporate agenda to the fore

6 Mar, 2015 16:14 IST|Sakshi
TDP corporate agenda to the fore

Asserting that the corporate agenda of TDP government in the capital area development has been exposed, YSR Congress has demanded that the State should go for global tenders instead of allotting works on nomination basis to prove its transparency.

“The State has to go for global tenders for developing the capital region and shun its corporate agenda of showing favours by allocating works on nominated basis as it is amply clear that the Singapore Government has categorically said that it is private parties and not the government that is dealing with the Andhra Pradesh capital project,” party senior leader Dharmana Prasada Rao told reporters here  on Friday.

With the land been forcibly taken away from the reluctant farmers, setting aside the Centre’s offer to allow degraded forest land for the capital formation, it is very obvious that TDP Government is pursing with its commercial agenda.

“It has tried to show the big picture of MoU between the Government of Singapore and State for the capital formation but the island country has categorically stated that it is only assisting Andhra Pradesh for mapping and has nothing to do with the infrastructure development which will be taken up by private companies.

The names of Jurong and Sabana, both infrastructure developing consultancy companies, are coming to the fore making it clear that the TDP is pursing with its commercial agenda, he said.

The State has drafted CRADA Bill in such a way, which allows the government to gift away any extent of land to any company and has embedded many such provisions which benefit the private players.  

The recent reports in media about the two Singapore companies getting 10,000 acres on nomination method expose the intention of the State Government. It should call for global tenders to be transparent, he said.  

Brushing aside the criticism that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is trying to politicize the land pooling exercise, he said.” It is the bounded duty of the Leader of Opposition to raise issues of public interest and that is what he is doing precisely, whatever detractors may call.” Farmers are in distress and he meeting them is his responsibility. 

On the Pawan Kalyan –TDP stand-off, he said “TDP has been selective on his remarks. It said he has no awareness on the issue on one side and has taken his help on other occasions.”

He also found fault with the State government withdrawing the GO which was kept at abeyance by the Governor on the irregularities in irrigation works involving Rs 22,000 crores. While in opposition TDP has raised a hue and cry on the issue and withdrew the same GO after coming to power, even without getting the cabinet nod, he said.

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