TDP allegations baseless: Uppuleti Kalpana

17 Dec, 2015 19:54 IST|Sakshi
TDP allegations baseless: Uppuleti Kalpana

Brushing aside the TDP allegations that the opposition party has stalled the agenda decided in the BAC, YSR Congress has said that it was a ploy to avoid a discussion on the Call Money sex racket.

"It was decided in the BAC that a discussion on BR Ambedkar should be taken up which we agreed and also wanted a discussion on Call Money racket. The ruling party has been distorting the facts and is casting aspersions that we are against the discussion on Ambedkar," party MLA Uppuleti Kalpana told reporters on Thursday.
TDP has brought up the issue only push the Call Money racket aside and we are not against discussion on dalits as the ruling party is alleging. We have insisted on the taking up the call money racket and the government wanted to evade it and has been distorting facts, she said.

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