Thousands Gather Without Masks For Wuhan Music Festival
May 03, 2021, 14:45 IST
Thousands of people without masks attended the Strawberry Music Festival, one of China's largest music...
One Year Of Coronavirus: The Day COVID Infection Started
Nov 17, 2020, 15:17 IST
The dangerous coronavirus pandemic has changed the complete situation of the world. People are facing...
New Theory Says Coronavirus Has Come From Space
Oct 12, 2020, 10:49 IST
The dangerous coronavirus has killed many and the entire world is worrying a lot about...
Chinese City Warns Of Bubonic Plague
Jul 06, 2020, 08:43 IST
Authorities in the Chinese Inner Mongolia region issued a warning after a suspected case of...
India Joins 61 Nations To Seek Probe Into WHO’s Coronavirus Response
May 18, 2020, 12:00 IST
India joined with 62 nations that have moved a proposal at the World Health Assembly......
It’s True, China Destroyed First Samples Of COVID-19!
May 18, 2020, 11:44 IST
The dangerous coronavirus took its birth in Wuhan province, China last year.
Coronavirus: China’s Wuhan To Test All Its 11 Million People
May 13, 2020, 15:38 IST
The first coronavirus case reported in Wuhan in December 2019. It is the place where...
COVID-19 Damage: Trump Determined To Seek ‘Hefty’ Compensation From China
Apr 29, 2020, 17:28 IST
US President Donald Trump asserted that they are doing persuasive investigations against China.
For The First Time, Zero Cases Of COVID-19 In China’s Wuhan Hospitals
Apr 26, 2020, 19:37 IST
For the first time, the number of hospitalised COVID-19 patients in China’s Wuhan, where the...
Coronavirus Didn’t Escape From Wuhan Lab: Report
Apr 19, 2020, 13:18 IST
The deadly coronavirus is taking its toll on the entire world. There is a significant...
Wuhan, COVID-19 Epicentre, Raises Death Toll By 50 Per Cent
Apr 17, 2020, 13:53 IST
Wuhan epidemic prevention and control headquarters said that there are several reasons for the missed...
Shocking! US Funded Coronavirus Experiments At Wuhan lab, Claims Reports
Apr 15, 2020, 08:56 IST
The US government has reportedly funded $3.7 million to the contoversial Chinese laboratory in Wuhan...
China Lifts 73-day Lockdown Of Wuhan Amid Sharp Increase In COVID-19 Cases 0
Apr 08, 2020, 17:40 IST
Tens of thousands of people in Wuhan, the origin point and epicenter for the coronavirus...
China Lockdown May Have Prevented 7 Lakh COVID-19 Cases
Apr 01, 2020, 14:13 IST
Researchers claim that China’s control measures during the first 50 days of the novel coronavirus...
Stranded Andhra Techie In Wuhan Surviving On Rice, Pickle
Feb 27, 2020, 10:27 IST
A 22-year-old engineer from Andhra Pradesh, who is stranded in coronavirus-hit Chinese city of Wuhan,...
Over 57k Confirmed Cases Of Coronavirus In China, 11k Serious
Feb 16, 2020, 21:20 IST
China’s National Health Commission (NHC) on Sunday said that 9,419 coronavirus patients have been cured...
Andhra Girl Stuck In Wuhan, Appeals Govt To Bring Her Back Home
Feb 02, 2020, 16:39 IST
A girl named Shruti belonging to Kurnool of Andhra Pradesh who had been to China...
Coronavirus: Death Toll Rises To 17
Jan 23, 2020, 16:48 IST
In order to prevent the transmission of coronavirus, China has suspended all public transports, including...