Israel-Hamas Agree Upon Ceasefire Brokered by Egypt
May 21, 2021, 16:46 IST
Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas have agreed to a ceasefire, bringing to an...
Watch: Israel Strikes on Gaza
May 16, 2021, 12:02 IST
Kerala Woman Killed in Palestinian Rocket Strike on Israel
May 12, 2021, 16:25 IST
Two women, including an Indian caregiver named Soumya Santosh were killed and dozens were injured...
Israel: Stampede at Jewish Religious Gathering Kills 40
Apr 30, 2021, 12:40 IST
At least 44 were killed in a stampede at a densely packed Jewish pilgrimage site...
Pfizer Vaccine: 12K People Test COVID Positive After Coronavirus Shot In Israel
Jan 21, 2021, 15:27 IST
In a major hit to the authenticity and effectiveness of Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine, it was revealed...
Israel PM's Son Apologises After 'Offensive' Meme Offends Hindus
Jul 28, 2020, 16:11 IST
JERUSALEM: After facing flak from some Indians for his 'offensive' tweet, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin...
Pursuing Innovation: CM YS Jagan At A Desalination Plant In Israel 
Aug 04, 2019, 20:54 IST
  CM YS Jagan Off To Israel On August 1
Jul 28, 2019, 19:14 IST
The ministry of External Affairs has already approved the visit of the Chief Minister.
Indian National Stabbed To Death By Roommates In Israel
Jun 10, 2019, 16:47 IST
He succumbed to his injuries at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov hospital. The other victim,
Australia Reaffirms Israel Decision Despite Backlash
Dec 16, 2018, 15:34 IST
Australia would continue to respect a two-state outcome that remained our goal as strongly as...
Israeli Outrage Prompts Airbnb To Remove Listings In West Bank
Nov 20, 2018, 13:29 IST
Home-rental company Airbnb announced on Monday it would remove its listings in Israeli settlements in...
Israel Signs USD 777 Mn Missile Defence Deal With India
Oct 24, 2018, 17:16 IST
Israel Signs USD 777 Mn Missile Defence Deal With India
Rocket Strike In Israel Claims Baby’s Life
Aug 09, 2018, 11:40 IST
“As of now, approximately 70 rocket launches were identified from the Gaza Strip at Israeli...
Killings Mark US Embassy Opening In Jerusalem
May 15, 2018, 11:12 IST
Killings Mark US Embassy Opening In Jerusalem
Iranian Cleric Threatens Israeli Cities
May 12, 2018, 11:28 IST
Iranian cleric threatened two Israeli cities with destruction if the Jewish state acts foolishly and...
Israel Pulls Out Of Security Council Polls
May 05, 2018, 12:26 IST
Israel has withdrawn from the election for a two-year term on the Security Council that...
Israel Sees 31% Growth in Tourist Arrivals From India
Jan 30, 2018, 15:16 IST
Israel has registered a record 31 per cent growth in tourist arrivals from India, with...
Earliest Human Fossil Outside Of Africa Discovered In Israel Cave 
Jan 26, 2018, 15:50 IST
The research team discovered the fossil, an adult upper jawbone with several teeth, at the...
Israel Okays Bill Allowing Death Penalty For Palestinian Attackers
Jan 04, 2018, 10:28 IST
Israel’s parliament gave a preliminary approval for a bill allowing the death penalty for Palestinian...
Israel Had Zero Infiltrators in 2017: Report
Jan 01, 2018, 11:41 IST
No infiltrators entered Israel in 2017, while 4,012 illegal residents voluntarily left, of whom 3,332...
Israel Rejects UN’s Jerusalem Resolution
Dec 22, 2017, 08:23 IST
A similar resolution was vetoed by the US in the UN Security Council on Monday,...
Trump’s Recognition Of Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital And The Prospect Of A Two-State Solution
Dec 18, 2017, 19:25 IST
I was in Israel when Trump made his announcement recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Initially,...
Telangana For Global Standards in Cybersecurity, Eyes Israel’s Robust Architecture 
Dec 15, 2017, 11:34 IST
The first piece of the architecture will be launched this month or next month with...
Jewish Orthodox Leader Shteinman Dead
Dec 12, 2017, 18:57 IST
Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman, the spiritual leader of Israel’s non-Hassidic ultra-Orthodox Jews of European descent...
North Korea Condemns Trump’s Decision On Jerusalem
Dec 09, 2017, 16:03 IST
North Korea has lambasted US President Donald Trump for recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, renewing...
Israel Hits Gaza Hamas Sites Post Rocket Attacks
Dec 09, 2017, 15:03 IST
Israel has targeted a number of sites of militant group Hamas in the Gaza Strip...
Trump To Take A Call On US Embassy Relocation In Israel 
Dec 06, 2017, 12:16 IST
Donald Trump will make remarks on Wednesday on whether to move the US embassy in...
Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman Seeks Pardon For Soldier Jailed For Manslaughter 
Nov 05, 2017, 16:18 IST
The shooting last year deeply divided Israeli society and led to an extraordinary rift between...
UK Minister Of Indian Origin In Trouble Over Secret Meetings in Israel
Nov 04, 2017, 10:38 IST
Indian-origin International Development Secretary of UK, Priti Patel, held undisclosed meetings in Israel without telling...
Israel Raids Palestinian Media Firms  
Oct 18, 2017, 17:07 IST
The raids on eight companies came hours after the Israeli government declared that it would...