bank fraud
Mahesh Bank Fraud: Nigerian Cyber Criminals Strike Again
Feb 02, 2022, 16:30 IST
HYDERABAD: Key facts are coming to the fore with the arrest of two Africans and...
Guntur: Karempudi SBI Employee Siphons Off One Crore For Cricket Betting
Dec 14, 2021, 16:16 IST
GUNTUR: Right after a bank fraud case was unearthed in the State Bank of India...
Telugu Academy Funds Fraud: Three Bank Managers Arrested
Oct 01, 2021, 17:15 IST
HYDERABAD: The Central Crime Station  (CCS) sleuths on Friday, arrested three people in connection with...
Hyderabad: CCS Expedites Investigation Into Telugu Academy Bank Account Fraud
Sep 30, 2021, 17:46 IST
HYDERABAD: Central Crime Station police officials have expedited the investigation into the alleged fraud in...
BoB Bapatla: Customers Gold Worth Rs 2.23 Crore Missing
Sep 07, 2021, 15:27 IST
GUNTUR: In another incident of fraud in a Bank of Baroda branch in Bapatla in...
Bank of Baroda Kalikiri Branch Scam Detected
Aug 27, 2021, 16:02 IST
Chittoor Police detected embezzlement of funds in the Kalikiri branch of Bank of Baroda (BoB)...
Punjab National Bank Reports Rs 3,805 Crore Fraud By Bhushan Power And Steel     
Jul 07, 2019, 21:18 IST
Another fraud, this time amounting to Rs 3,805.15 crore has been reported at the state-run...
ICICI, HDFC, SBI Recorded Highest Bank Fraud Cases
Jun 12, 2019, 15:38 IST
Some of the foreign banks operating in India also reported fraud cases worth crores during...
Case Registered Against Gujarat-Based Firm Over Rs. 82 Crore Loan Default
Jun 20, 2018, 07:42 IST
The agency has registered a case on the basis of a complaint from the bank,...
IDBI Bank Fraud
Mar 24, 2018, 10:55 IST
IDBI Bank Fraud
Simbhaoli Sugars Chairman In 97 Crore Fraud Case
Feb 26, 2018, 11:56 IST
The CBI has registered a case against Simbhaoli Sugars Limited, its Chairman Gurmit Singh Mann,...
Extradition of Vijay Mallya At Any Costs: India 
Dec 09, 2017, 12:03 IST
The extradition trial of Mr Mallya, wanted in India on charges of Rs. 9,000 crore...
3 Arrested For Bank Fraud
Oct 29, 2017, 17:52 IST
The victims received calls from unknown persons posing as bank officials and asking for debit/credit...
4 Arrested For Duping Bank With Cloned Credit Cards
Jul 08, 2017, 14:25 IST
The accused - Kiran Kumar and Ram Kumar - were from the city while...
Bank Manager Arrested For Rs8 Crore Fraud 
Jun 21, 2017, 10:33 IST
He was arrested for transferring funds to the tune of Rs8 crore which was deposited...
Man Booked For Rs 2.9-Crore Bank Fraud
Oct 13, 2016, 20:47 IST
Bank Appraiser Booked For Replacing Original Gold With Fakes
Deccan Chronicle brothers get bail
Apr 16, 2015, 09:05 IST
Deccan Chronicle brothers get bail