Steve Madden To Bid Goodbye To Fashion

6 Dec, 2017 12:07 IST|Sakshi
Ace fashion designer Steve Madden

Los Angeles: Ace fashion designer Steve Madden has contemplated quitting the fashion industry "more now" than ever before, although he is proud of the "wonderful company" he has created.

Madden, 59, who founded his eponymous label in 1990, says he goes through phases when he thinks there is "nothing" more he can do to improve his label and he should give up his career, but other days he feels "incredible" and "valuable", reports

Speaking to Marie Claire Online, Madden said: "More now, actually. I suppose there were moments then, but really, now. The pupils are better than the teacher. And as the teacher and the builder, I have to figure out another way that I can add value to my company".

"So, now, because I'm an entrepreneur, maybe there's nothing I can do anymore. Maybe I should just quit - I have thought that. But then I have incredible days where I feel valuable," he added.

When Madden is building his team he looks for passionate colleagues with a hard "work ethic".

"It's passion, work ethic, and knowing what's important - and the work ethic is the third of those three. It used to be first, but I've modified that, because I know certain people who work very hard but are dopey, but I give them points for working hard. I admire young people--they get certain things," he said

"But showing up is the most important thing. It's a combination of respecting their peers and respecting their elders but not in a false way, like 'Let me learn from this dude.' I don't have anybody left to learn from, because now, I'm the old guy. I used to be the young cat, and I used to learn from everybody. Now I'm the mentor. There's so much wisdom you get just by being around," he added.


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