Srishti Bakshi’s Pan India Walk For Women’s Empowerment

1 Dec, 2017 17:47 IST|Sakshi
Srishti Bakshi

Hyderabad: Pan India walker Srishti Bakshi is on a mission to create awareness about crime against women, upbringing of girl child and society's attitude towards women and thereby contribute her might towards women empowerment.

In this regard, Srishti undertook a walkathon beginning from Kanyakumari with destination as Srinagar. Speaking exclusively to SakshiPost on Friday, she said people only talk about growing crime against women in the society but rarely take any action to stem the rot. "I have seen people stop reading or listening to news regarding crime against women. They also claim that they alone cannot do anything to change society's attitude towards women. Hence, I have undertaken the walk from Kanyakumari to Srinagar to understand women's role and status in the society. This understanding will help in formulating methods and plans to change society's attitude towards women," she said.

Speaking about what inspired her to undertake such a long journey across the country, Srishti said she read about a rape case where a mother and daughter were gangraped right in front of the husband. "Almost everyone I spoke to said they cannot do anything in bringing the culprits to book or preventing more such crimes. Then, I realised I have to do something about it and atleast create awareness first," she said while acknowledging the role of her husband in inspiring to undertake the pan India walk.

More about her campaign in her own words:

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