Software Techie Turns Hardcore Thief

31 Mar, 2016 19:01 IST|Sakshi
Software Techie Turns Hardcore Thief

Hyderabad: Madapur police on Wednesday arrested a software engineer whose favorite pastime is thievery. He has stolen a few cell phones, money purses, credit and debit cards in and around Hitech City to satisfy his addiction to frivolous enjoyments and luxuries.

According to police, Twinkle Arora, who hails from Haryana, is a software engineer at a private company at Madapur and is staying at a private hostel in Arunodaya Colony. Twinkle has been stealing the mobile phones and wallets of fellow hostel mates for some time. After picking up the ATM cards from the wallets, he makes a call to the concerned banks from the stolen mobile asking them to provide a new PIN number for the ATM card feigning he forgot the existing one.

Twinkle would easily get the new PIN number for the stolen ATM cards from the banks as he provides correct details of the ATM card, personal details and even the call was also from the registered mobile number. Then he would head to ATM centers where security was not there and draw the money wearing an helmet to cover his identity.

On March 23, Sumith, a software engineer, lodged a complaint with Madhapur police after his purse and mobile phone were stolen while he was sleeping in the hostel room. A few days later similar compliant was made by Nitesh who is also a software engineer in the same area. Money was drawn from their accounts within half an hour after the theft.

Police had arrested the software thief and sent him for remand after recovering the stolen cash worth Rs. 1.02 lakh out of Rs. 1.42 lakh including a bike, ATM cards and wallets. They said the techie was nabbed with the help of CCTV footage at the ATM centers from where the victims’ money was drawn and also the footage on the nearby junctions.

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