Sheshachalam killings: Uproar in TN continues

9 Apr, 2015 09:40 IST|Sakshi
Sheshachalam killings: Uproar in TN continues

Agitations over Sheshachalam killings are continuing in Tamil Nadu.

Villages in Tamil Nadu adjoining Chittoor district are upset over killing of 20 labourers in Chittoor. Demanding justice to the wood-cutters, killed in the encounter by the AP police, the peole of Velluru, Tirivanamallai districts have boycotted AP banks, vehicles and organizations. They staged protests in front of AP banks and organizations. Fearing property loss, AP government halted at least 200 buses going through and to TN.
Seven people out of 20 were identified and handed over to TN government. Chief Minister Paneerselvam announced an exgratia of 3 lakh for each bereaved family.

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