Rupee tera mastana...! Loan mera deewana!!

10 Jan, 2015 16:02 IST|Sakshi
Rupee tera mastana...! Loan mera deewana!!

Crop loan waived, but worries remain!!

Know how much crop loan Surya Rao got waived?
What do you get for Rs 1?

"Ek rupaiah mein kya milta hain?" asks the famous toffee ad!

Ask Surya Rao of Majjipeta in Visakhapatnam! He would say not even the letter that he received amid fanfare from the Chandrababu Naidu government, which announced the waiver of his crop loan, is at least 5 times costlier.

Surya Rao secured a Rs 32000 worth of crop loan and with the interest accrual of Rs 3000, it went up to Rs 35000. Like many farmers in Andhra Pradesh, who hoped Chandrababu Naidu would live up to his promise and waive the crop loans, Surya Rao too voted for TDP.

After the vote, Chandrababu became the CM and in came Hudhud, which devastated this man with a small 1.97 acre of land. His orchard is a picture of catastrophic devastation. His shack is but a frail roof waiting to come down at the slightest push.

Now loan waiver is his only flicker of hope.

And he did get a dandy letter with a smiling Chandrababu stamped over it announcing grandiosely that his crop loan has been waived.

But, he couldn't believe what he got. The amount waived was a mere Re 1.
"Re 1. I wouldn't even get a toffee for it," says Surya Rao with bewilderment written all over his face.

He went to the bank several times with the letter, but to no avail.

Now, sitting on a torn man under his ramshackle roof, is Surya Rao - his crop loan 'waived', but worries remaining in tact!!


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