RTI reveals mega star Chiranjeevi's extravagance

23 May, 2013 14:19 IST|Sakshi
RTI reveals mega star Chiranjeevi's extravagance

The Central Government had organised the World Tourism Organization Conference in Hyderabad to develop tourism sector in India. However, in the name of conference, Union Minister Chiranjeevi spent public money worth crores of rupees. This has come to light through an RTI application.

The prestigious event was held to pitch India as a great tourist destination. We are not sure if any progress happened post conference. But our tourism minister ended up wasting a lot money.

Public feels this is what happens when an actor becomes politician. Instead of focusing on improving the image of the state and the country, Chiru is concentrating on building his image. Looks like Chiranjeevi is enjoying his new portfolio to the hilt.

It's learnt that Rs 2,14,0000 was spent for three days of conference. Sai Prasad, an RTI activist revealed the facts by producing proof of documents that show Chiru spent crores of rupees during the conference. As part of the event, Rs 5,25,000 was spent on food for 150 delegates at the Taj Falaknuma hotel.

Here is the break-up of expenditure

  • Rs 2,30,000 spent on tea/coffee served to  200 people at the hotel (Rs 600 for one tea)
  • Rs 3,500 per plate for food
  • Rs 25,000 on banners and flexis
  • Rs 2.4 lakhs Internet bill for ten delegates
  • Rs 30,000 for invitation letters
  • Rs 90,000 print out cost for 6 days
  • Rs 6 lakhs for sound and light show at Golkonda fort
  • Rs 1,20,000 phone bill of one delegate
  • Rs 20 lakhs on airfares for 11 members

It may be recalled that AICC president Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have repeatedly boasted of cut in expending public money through austerity measures. However, ministers are not too serious about it. Sai Prasad demanded that Chiranjeevi quit his post with immediate effect. He also said that he would approach the Lokayaukta to probe the mismanagement of public funds. The RTI activist also alleged that although the event was for three days, the bill is for six days.

A viewer watching the TV show, called Sakshi and spoke to the RTI activist. He said: "Hyderabad is famous for Irani chai and biriyani. If we really wanted to showcase our culture, Chiru could have let the delegates get a taste of authentic Andhra cuisine. This would have also worked out cheaper and saved us lakhs of rupees."
Does the Union minister have any answers for this?Over to Chiranjeevi now...

- Siva@sakshipost

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