RGV Decodes Padmaavat, GST Controversy

26 Jan, 2018 14:46 IST|Sakshi
Ram Gopal Varma


Ram Gopal Varma is known to land himself in unwanted controversies. Infact he's so infamous that he courts controversy every time he opens his mouth. Be it taking a jibe at actors or even making fun of new releases, RGV is not the one to mince words.

The latest we hear is his web series titled God Sex and Truth which is called GST! The short film is basically a soft porn featuring a foreign actress. The series will go live this Republic Day. Interestingly enough, Deepika's Padmaavat too will hit theatres on the same day.

While the Bhansali film was caught in a release controversy over its content, the same is true of RGV film too. And the filmmaker wastes no time in decoding the controversy that's hit both the films. Here you go...

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