Revanth returns to Cherlapally

11 Jun, 2015 17:05 IST|Sakshi
Revanth returns to Cherlapally

After completing the formalities of engagement of his only daughter, TDP leader and Cash for Votes scam accused Revanth Reddy left for Cherlapally jail as his bail deadline will expire by 6 PM.

Revanth, who got a temporary bail for 12 hours, came out of the Cherlapally prison at 6 AM and left straight for his Jubilee Hills residence. He joined his family and reached N Convention Hall, where the Nymisha’s engagement with Satyanarayana Reddy took place.

By 4 PM, he bade good bye to everyone and walked straight towards the waiting police vehicle. He was taken straight to Cherlapally prison. Sources said Revanth was extra careful about sticking to bail timings as any delay could affect his chances of getting the main bail.


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