Revanth disappointed again

3 Aug, 2015 14:10 IST|Sakshi
Revanth disappointed again

Hyderabad: Kodangal MLA Revanth Reddy was denied relaxation on his Bail conditions yet again.

Accused no 1 in the Cash For Vote scam , Caught red-handed offering money to TRS nominated MLA  Stephenson in an effort to Horse trade the votes during the Telangana MLC elections  filed a petition in Court seeking relaxation on his bail conditions .

Revants movments had been restrained to his constituency Kodangal alone by the Court at the time of his bail allowance. But citing that he is a senior Party member in the Telangana TDP and so is required to attend the party meets and other party ceremony, Revanth filed a petition in the court seeking relaxation on his Bail conditions. But the Court denied it twice so far.

The court has eased the conditions a little for A2 Sebastain and A3 Uday Simha. It asked them to be present in the court only on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

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