Ready to go to jail: Mudragagda

19 Feb, 2016 13:42 IST|Sakshi
Ready to go to jail: Mudragagda

Kakinada: Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham strongly criticized Andhra Pradesh DGP JV Ramudu for foisting cases against innocents in connection with arson at Tuni railway station after the Kapu Garjana on January 29.

Mudragada Padmanabham wrote a letter to AP DGP JV Ramudu urging not to foist cases against innocents and subject them to torture. He said he was ready to co-operate with the investigation and furnish any information needed in connection with the Tuni case.

"The Kapu movement is not against to any particular caste or party and I’m ready to go to jail for the welfare of the poor Kapus. I urge the police to not to torture innocents in the name of Tuni incident”, he said in his letter to the AP police' boss

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