Ravi Prakash's attacker granted bail

16 May, 2013 11:54 IST|Sakshi
Ravi Prakash's attacker granted bail

It's a known fact that Ravi Prakash, the CEO of TV9 was attacked by one of his former journalists while he was addressing a public gathering in Kurnool.

Ramana, former stringer of TV9 threw slippers at his ex-boss for his double standards.
That of course is old news. The latest we hear is that the former journalist has been granted bail. It may be recalled that Ramana's family had threatened to hold TV9 responsible if anything untoward happened to Ramana.
What is surprising is the fact that how Ramana managed to get bail even after several cases were slapped against him, particularly as serious as a murder charge.
Can someone solve the puzzle for us?

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