Ramya’s killer was driving car over 70 kmph

14 Jul, 2016 14:22 IST|Sakshi
Fatal accident claimed two lives 

Hyderabad: Shravil, the accused in the fatal accident which claimed two lives and left others injured is said to be driving his car over 70 kmph at the time of accident.

Inspector Srinivas said that basing on the CCTV footage it was found the Shravil has been driving his i10 at a high speed.

The official further said vehicular movement takes place slowly on Road No. 3 as there is a heavy traffic but due to low traffic the engineering student under the influence of alcohol drove the speeding car at a high speed.

The car then hit the divider and jumped on to other side and ran into victims car. Reportedly, the car driven by the accused belongs to his friend. The police are also contemplating to book accused parents too.

The accident took place on July 1 near Chutneys on Road Number 3, Banjara Hills.

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