Rajanarasimha ditches CM, takes off to Colombo

28 Apr, 2013 10:22 IST|Sakshi
Rajanarasimha ditches CM, takes off to Colombo

The infighting between ministers holding top posts in the state continues. The chief minister and Botsa might have patched up. 

But Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy is not on good terms with another senior now. And that's none other then the 2nd in command, deputy chief minister Damodara Rajanarasimha.

The rift came to the fore with the deputy CM deciding to go ahead with his Colombo tour despite Kiran's request to accompany him. It is learnt that Rajanarasimha reportedly rejected CM's offer to accompany him on his Medak tour which happens to be his home district too.

The Chief Minister will be in Medak district tomorrow to launch the 'Indiramma Kalalu' programme. Although there's speculation in the political circles that something's amiss, the deputy CM's close aides brush it off saying his Colombo trip had been planned months ago.

Want to know the inside truth? Watch out for this space for updates.

- Sakshipost

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