Punters Bet On BJP Victory In Gujarat

30 Nov, 2017 15:08 IST|Sakshi
Despite the Congress Party’s best efforts, it could be the BJP which will have the last laugh in Gujarat

Despite the Congress Party's best efforts, it could be the BJP which will have the last laugh in Gujarat. This is what the punters say. Several surveys too have pointed out to the same. The punters are taking into account the BJP poll blitzkrieg, PM Narendra Modi's campaign, performance of the BJP Government and other factors before betting on the BJP.

The betting rings feel that the BJP would get between 107 and 110 seats, while the Congress could get between 70 and 71 seats.

Though the situation in Gujarat is quite volatile and the pendulam is swinging quite wildly, the punters appear to be betting on the BJP. They are however, said to be cagey about the exact number of seats it could win. In the last assembly elections, the BJP had won 115 out of 182 seats, while the Congress got 68 seats. As of now, the sources in the betting market say that the people are betting 50 paise on BJP's victory and Rs 2 on Congress victory.

The punters are wary that there could be a repeat of the UP elections results. During the UP elections, most people felt the BJP could win anywhere between 192 to 200 seats. But, the final results showed that the BJP had three fourths majority. The punters lost heavily during the UP elections.

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