Are You Not Ashamed That Cheques Given By You For Cyclone Relief Have Bounced, Chandrababu? 

7 Jan, 2019 11:53 IST|Sakshi
YSRCP Chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy

Lakkavaram Cross, Srikakulam district: I set out this morning from Turakasasanam in Sompeta mandal, and during the course of my Padayatra, went through Palavalasa, Korlam, Baruva Junction and reached Lakkavaram Cross. All these are very backward places and to make matters worse, have been battered by cyclones. Many farmers lost their crops.

As for the government, it did not bother to stand by them in their hour of need. They did not get the compensation they were supposed to. Worse, they did not get the benefits of welfare schemes, they complained. Dunna Seshamma of Palavalasa had been suffering from a tumour in the chest, Konda Ramu of Jarabanda had a hole in his heart. They were sent back from the hospital when they sought treatment under Arogyasri saying the healthcare scheme was not functional.

Bonda Rajamma and Maddu Dalamma of Sunkidi, and Gokarla Dharmavati of Palavalasa are widows from a very deprived background and earn their livelihood as daily wage labourers. For three years now, they have been going round officials and TDP leaders trying to get their pensions. Karri Endamma and Badakala Kosarajulu were denied their old age pensions, they told me as tears welled up in their eyes. Swathi from Baruva Kothur from a fishermen's family, was a congenitally deaf-mute person. This child with 100% disability was shown as deceased in the records. Her pension was stopped.

Similarly, the pension of Valisetty Rushi of the same village was receiving from my father's time, was stopped by this government abruptly. Mahalakshmi, Ippili Lakshmi and Geetanjali have two daughters each and got their names registered under the 'Bangaru Thalli' scheme. They said that under the previous government, some money was deposited in installments, but they did not get a paisa under the TDP regime.

Swathi and Sai Kiran hailing from backward class communities told me that they were denied scholarships. Dalamma complained that a house was not being allotted to her despite repeated requests to officials. This elderly woman spent her time in some temporary place or the other, she said with tears in her eyes. I wondered if there is a functioning government at all. Similarly, girl students of eighth and ninth class from Thondipudi met me and told me that the Zilla Parishad High School in the village was battered by cyclone. The roof in their classrooms was getting peeled off, they said and going to school was a frightful experience, they said. They were forced to study under the trees in the open, they complained. Officials were unconcerned about their plight. Government schools suffered while corporate institutions flourished. Chandrababu Naidu who was shutting down schools functioning well, could hardly care about a school which needed repairs.

A couple, Vinod and Maneka Prasad met me and told me that their daughter secured the second topmost rank in Intermediate. She was felicitated by the chief minister and education in Tirupati three years ago, given a medal and an award of merit. She was told that Rs. 20,000 would be deposited in her account, but three years later, after having completed her B. Com, she has still not received the amount. Expressing their anguish, the couple said that no student should be deceived in this manner. How can you publicize awards and deceive gullible students?

I have a question for the chief minister--many people met me today and told me that they were not receiving the benefits of welfare schemes and that even the compensation due to victims of Cyclone Titli was not paid. While this is the ground reality, your publicity campaign in huge advertisements, all over the media, speaks of development touching every family, hundred per cent welfare and hundred per cent satisfaction! Is this not deception? Students themselves say that the promised award amount has not been given to them. Then, there have been several complaints of cheques given by you under CM's relief fund bouncing, as cyclone Titli victims have been lamenting. Don't you feel ashamed? Are you not cheating people releasing white papers to the contrary?

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