Chandrababu Is Busy With Ceremonies In Other States While Phethai Strikes AP

18 Dec, 2018 08:47 IST|Sakshi
YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy     

Lingalavalasa, Srikakulam district: Today is my sister, Sharmila's birthday and the Padayatra route had a special significance—it was along the same one on which she had walked in the past. Farmers from the villages of Tekkalipadu and Lingalavalasa met me and recalled the good work done by my father. If their villages were able to get water for agricultural needs, it was only on account of Tekkalipadu and Lingalavalasa lift irrigation schemes which he had completed. Farmers can never forget leaders who ensure water for their agricultural needs. Such leaders find a permanent place in their hearts.

Students who completed their veterinary polytechnic course met me today. They complained that even though there were more than 1200 vacancies, they were not being filled up by the TDP government. They pointed out that while those who completed their polytechnic courses were allowed to do a degree course in engineering, and those who completed their agriculture diploma were permitted to pursue B.Sc in agriculture, these students of veterinary diploma are considered ineligible to pursue a degree in veterinary science. They expressed their anguish stating that, on the one hand, there were no job opportunities, and on the other, they were not allowed to pursue higher education in their field.

At the same time, they pointed out that private colleges were allotted twice as many seats as the number in government colleges. They said that all these colleges were owned by TDP leaders. Students who met me yesterday and today had the same complaint and were troubled by the same fact.

Thousands of students completed their education over the past four years and not one was provided employment by this government. What caused anguish to the students was the fact that lakhs of rupees were collected by these private colleges owned by TDP leaders, which were ill-equipped and did not fulfill eligibility criteria.

Villagers of Narayanavalasa pointed out to the cattle market which is more than a hundred years old. It was a reflection of the proud place which dairy farmers of the region once occupied in society. Today, it holds a mirror up to the sad state of agriculture and dairy farming in this area. What was once a centre for buying good cattle for farmers has now become a point of sale for them. My heart was overcome with sadness when I thought of the fact that the animals here would be transported to slaughterhouses. I learnt that it is from here that cattle is being illegally transported to northern states and to places as far as Bangladesh! The main players behind this sordid drama work again TDP leaders and ministers. Instead of supporting these farmers who could not get a fair price for their produce, these TDP leaders turned into middlemen in the sale of their cattle. What can be worse than this? The fury of Cyclone Phethai was evident today with cold winds sweeping across the place. My Padayatra continued amidst occasional drizzle along the way. I was troubled with the thought of how this government responded when cyclones struck Andhra Pradesh in the past. The government needed to learn from failures of the past and take up relief work on a war footing to help the victims this time around. Keeping in mind the difficulties of the people, I had to halt my Padayatra for the day in the afternoon, as the impact of the cyclone gained intensity.

I have a question for the chief minister—when people of these vulnerable areas are on the edge troubled by the thought of the Cyclone which could wreak havoc, instead of monitoring the situation on a minute by minute basis, you are busy attending swearing-in ceremonies of Congress leaders. Is this appropriate? Are your political ambitions and benefits more important than the lives of the people of Andhra Pradesh?

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