Praja Sankalpa Yatra Diary, Day 68: Can Anything Be More Laughable And Fallacious, Mr. Chandrababu?

23 Jan, 2018 09:58 IST|Sakshi
AP Leader of Opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy

Reddyguntabadava, Chittoor District: Today marks the 68th day of the Padayatra. Every day we see power charges, petrol and diesel prices shooting up. Property taxes, have been hiked, liquor flows everywhere, even the construction of toilets cannot materialise without bribes, ration shops stock nothing except rice, pensions are being denied, farmers and self help groups have been denied the loan waivers promised to them, the fee reimbursement scheme cannot be seen in practice and students continue to suffer, Arogyasri, the health care scheme for the poor is considered inapplicable, houses have not been given as promised—the list of unfulfilled commitments is long. This is what people everywhere have told me. This is what I learnt from my first-hand interaction with the masses.

Chandrababu Naidu has not fulfilled one promise from his manifesto before elections. That is the reality of the situation. However at the TDP workshop yesterday, the chief minister comically enough said, that only two promises from his manifesto remained to be fulfilled one was Anna Canteen and the other was providing unemployment allowance. This is both fallacious and ridiculous. Chandrababu Naidu spoke as though he had fulfilled all the promises made a hundred fold. Can anything be more farcical? Or patently untrue? Does he think that people on the ground have not been watching his government working? Does he think that he can deceive all the people of the state through media propaganda? Should a person holding the responsible position of a chief minister make such false claims? Mr Chandrababu Naidu, your deceptive talk, tall claims and your constant bragging about what you have achieved is transparent to the people of the state. Have you forgotten what the Swiss Minister For Economy, Pascal Couchepin said in Hyderabad reacting to your presentation, Vision 2020, as the chief minister back then? “In our country if somebody makes such projections, he will find himself either in prison or a lunatic asylum,” he had said. Have you forgotten his words? When you know that not even one per cent of what you claim is true what should one make of you? Do you think people are foolish enough to believe whatever you tell them?

Whenever I hear the name Satyavedu, I think of my father, the late Dr YS Rajashekhar Reddy‘s dream project, Sri City. He had initiated this project to industrialise the region, to attract the best of investors to set up industries, provide employment and give a fillip to the development here and the state, as well. Today, however, in stark contrast we find the youth here demoralised due to unemployment. Even though there are vacancies, people with qualifications are not given jobs. Is it just to promise a bright future to the youth of the state even while denying them employment? In Pallamala, I participated in a large get-together of Dalit brothers and sisters. Mr Chief Minister, have you ever spared a thought for the welfare of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes with the minimum measure of integrity expected of you? Under your regime the atrocities being committed on dalits, the manner in which the land is being snatched away from them without adequate compensation—all these acts defy description! The way in which your ministers speak and act is a reflection of your attitude and your government’s policy towards dalits.

Finally, I have a question for the chief minister—you have promised the moon in your manifesto through the long catalogue of promises that you have made, but you say that most of these assurances and commitments have been fulfilled! How should one describe such brazenness? Are you not pricked by guilt at all?

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