Praja Sankalpa Yatra Diary, Day 29: Worsening Law and Order Situation Under TDP

8 Dec, 2017 16:26 IST|Sakshi
YS Jagan reached the 400-km milestone in a month’s time

December 7, Papinenipalyam, Anantapur District:

The Praja Sankalpa Yatra reached the 400-km milestone in a month's time. Most of my time was spent walking through villages, interacting with people and seeing their suffering on a first-hand basis. From my waking hours to the moments that I retire, time simply flies. What keeps me going? The conviction to be with the common man, to alleviate his suffering and the unconditional love of thousands of people who came pouring out into the lanes, alleys and streets of villages and towns, the abiding trust they have in me has driven me this far. Together all these elements constitute the fountainhead of inspiration which prods me on.

Leaders from Kummari Yuva Sena (young men from the potters' community) met me today at Gummepalli. A question mark hangs over their traditional livelihood and is a source of unending worry for them. They also sought adequate political representation in the system. They complained that the federations set up by successive Governments were not advancing loans on time. This gave me a sense of how these federations were working. I wonder if there is any segment of society which doesn't feel let down by this Government?

A government’s functioning can be gauged from the prevailing law and order situation in the state. But it is clear from this yatra that the Government has neither commitment nor sincerity when it comes to law and order. It pains me to see even trivial matters that could be easily addressed, are not being attended to. The fruits of welfare schemes must reach all. Only then can a government be called a people’s government. People from the lowest strata repeatedly testify that the fruits of development and welfare percolated down to them during the tenure of my late father. They lamented that things had changed dramatically and swung to the other extreme and yearned for the return of Rajanna Rajyam. It reinforces my belief that people adore and deify a ruler who serves them without fear or favour, bias or discrimination. I am even more committed to my mission of ushering in the golden era of Rajanna Rajyam once again.

As for development, the less said the better. Let alone progress, we are regressing as a state. How can we hope to move forward when the rulers themselves are busy plundering resources and misusing finances meant for the poor and all for their own selfish ends. Law and order is conspicuously absent. The police force is bending backwards to please their political bosses. The witnesses, family members and party workers in the murder case of my party’s leader in Appecharla are being threatened by the police. The assets of the villagers are being destroyed. One can very well understand the state of affairs when the ruling party members attack YSRCP workers at will despite a police picket in the village. Yesterday, another party leader was killed in Dharmavaram. Yet another party leader from Rapthadu constituency escaped death by a whisker. Can there be law and order If the CM himself is using government machinery as an instrument to muzzle people’s voice, unconditionally backs his party men’s misdeeds and terrorise those who oppose it? It is clear that this government has complete disregard to Constitutional values and holds no responsibility towards its people.

In conclusion, here’s my question to the Chief Minister! When my party workers are being killed in the very region where my padayatra has been progressing, what does it mean? It clearly suggests that the killers enjoy the support and patronage of political bosses at the highest level. In Anantapur district alone, eight of my party leaders have been killed during the last three-and-a-half years. Many more have been murdered in other parts of the state too. Aren’t these political killings? If governments back mafia bosses and encourage the culture of political killings, one shudders to think of the fate of future generations!


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