Prabhas Lost Karan Johar Film Over Remuneration?

26 Oct, 2017 11:04 IST|Sakshi
Prabhas with Karan Johar

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Soon after the release of Baahubali, many Bollywood producers came forward to cash in on the craze and newborn popularity of Prabhas in Hindi cinema. But the actor waited patiently for everyone to come out of the Baahubali hangover. Karan Johar of Dharma Productions has released the two-part series in Hindi and he is the first person to approach Prabhas for a possible collaboration and gave a verbal commitment to the actor as well. The latest we hear is that Karan Johar is now thinking about calling off the plan as he was shocked to hear the expectations Prabhas has to work in a direct Hindi film.

Grapevine has it that Prabhas has demanded a hefty 20 crores as remuneration for a straight Hindi film to which Karan Johar is not willing to spend. The Bollywood producer feels that even the most popular Rajinikanth charges 20 crores and imagining Prabhas in the same league is hard.

As a result, Karan was taken aback and has apparently backed out of his commitment to work with Prabhas. Prabhas' only hope is the success of Saaho in Hindi with which he can build the confidence among Bollywood producers.

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