Post-Mortem Of Chopped Woman’s Body Shows She Was Pregnant With Baby Boy

31 Jan, 2018 10:01 IST|Sakshi
The victim was wearing a salwar kameez and toe rings at the time of death.

Looks like brutal murders have become order of the day in Hyderabad. The Telangana capital which was once said to be safe place for women is now turning out to be a hell with the rising number of crimes against women. Yesterday, a woman's body was found chopped and stuffed into three gunny bags and thrown on the streets of the city.

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Now, we hear that the woman who was found dead was right months pregnant! According to the Cyberabad police, it was the GHMC workers (morning sweepers), who stumbled upon the separate bags containing amputated parts of the woman's body. Strangely although the body was in a decomposed state,blood was oozing out of the sacks!

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Evidently, the killer took time to dispose the body as he first wrapped them first in plastic sheets and then packed them into sacks before throwing them near the Botanical garden in Sri Ramnagar near Hi Tec City.The victim was wearing a salwar kameez and toe rings at the time of death.

Sadly, the forensic team who conducted the post mortem found out that the women was carrying a baby boy when she was killed. She was due to deliver next month!

Madhapur Zone DCP Vishwa Prasad told a leading English daily that the murderer could have been someone who didn't want her to bear the child. He also added that there were injury marks on the victim's ribs which is a clear indicator that the killer wanted to kill the baby inside the womb.

A press release from the police described the woman thus: "The lady is about 5 feet 4 inches tall, medium built, about 30 years old, round faced and has a fair complexion. She was eight months pregnant. She wore a maroon colour kurta, red colour pyjama, silver toe rings, maroon colour bangles and a copper finger ring."

The police is now examining the CCTV footage to get more information.

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