Ponnala slams KCR over power supply

9 Oct, 2014 17:04 IST|Sakshi
Ponnala slams KCR over power supply

Telangana PCC president Ponnala Lakshmaiah criticised Chief Minister KCR for subverting the aspirations of the farmers by not providing them with at least 7-hours of uninterrupted power supply.

He participated in the 'Rithu Bharosa Yatra' in Nizamabad district on Thursday. During the meeting, the Congress leader met scores of farmers and inquired about their problems.

The T-PCC chief sarcasticallysaid that KCR, who has been claiming that he would change the state as Bangaru Telangana, turned it as 'Badhala Telangana' (A Telangana full of woes)
After promising moon to the poor, KCR failed to provide at least adequate power supply to the farmers. " At least now the government should give seven hour power supply to the farmers. It should also bail out the farmers by giving fresh loans," Ponnala demanded.

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