Ponnala’s daughter-in-law Vaisali to join TRS?

13 Jun, 2013 16:37 IST|Sakshi
Ponnala’s daughter-in-law Vaisali to join TRS?

Minister for Information Technology Ponnala Lakshmaiah’s daughter-in-law Vaisali is joining TRS?

Vaisali, who is eying on Jangaon assembly seat in Warangal district, is reportedly offered the seat by TRS.  

It’s circulated in Warangal political circles for quite some time that KCR’s daughter Kavita is also a strong contender of Janagao ticket in the next elections. The IT ministers prepared to use his good offices to get his daughter-in-law a ticket for Jangaon from the Congress party as he had escaped narrowly the defeat in the previous election and a case was still pending in the court. It was thought that there will be a war of two women in Jangaon from two political families.

Vaisali, wife of Muralikrishna, a business man and younger son of Ponnala, had tried her luck contesting in the by-elections in 2008 from Cheryala and was defeated. She was in active politics helping her father-in-law in the election campaign. She had taken responsibility of the 2009 election campaign at Jangaon. After accustoming thoroughness in the constituency, she was on the preparation of ground for the next election.  

Surprisingly, Vaisalai reportedly leaked a message to media persons on Thursday that she was attending the ‘Chalo Assembly’ proposed by TJAC and backed by TRS, BJP and CPI. It is rumoured that she has an offer from TRS high command to give her Jangaon seat shifting Kavita to contest from Nizamabad.  She is learnt to have taken permission from her mamagaru(Ponnala) to participate in the ‘Chalo Assembly’ along with her supporters. 

If it is the true, Vaisali will appear in the ‘Chalo Assembly’ on Friday. 


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