Plane Door Crash-lands On Building In Hyderabad 

31 Oct, 2017 09:47 IST|Sakshi
Residents taking the plane door to the police

Hyderabad: The door of a four-seater plane operated by the Telangana State Aviation Academy crash-landed on a building in Lallaguda on Monday. No injuries or damage were reported.

Residents of Yadav Basti were shocked to see the door crashing on one of the buildings making a loud bang. They took the door the police station and lodged a complaint.

The police learnt that the door belonged to a trainer aircraft operated by the state-owned academy.

The door had crashed with a big noise but did not cause any injuries, Lallaguda Inspector K. Kumar Singh said. It was handed over to the academy.

Academy’s Principal Chandrashekar Rao confirmed that the incident occurred and an investigation is on.

“The Director-General of Civil Aviation will investigate the incident. The plane, a multi-engine Diamond DA-42 aircraft, was flying with a trainee and a senior pilot when the incident occurred,” he said.

Even after the door came off, the plane continued flying and landed safely, Dr. Rao said.

“The door closer to the rear of the plane had come off during flight by itself. It did not cause any safety issues for the pilots,” he added.

It may be recalled that a trainer aircraft of the Indian Air Force crashed near Keesara last month, after taking off from Air Force Station, Hakimpet. The aircraft caught fire after crash but the pilot and co-pilot escaped unhurt as they ejected out of the plane using parachutes. IAF had instituted an inquiry into the incident.

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