Perilous Prakasam Barrage!

26 Aug, 2014 19:07 IST|Sakshi
Perilous Prakasam Barrage!

Is the city of Vijayawada is on the edge of a massive man-made calamity just waiting to happen any moment? 

The bad state of Prakasam Barrage's crest gates, which has rusted parts peeling off, could mean that in case of a huge flood, the gates might give away. There are 70 crest gates, which is the major bulwark of the barrage. All these gates are in bad condition.

But, the irrigation officials are not concentrating on the problem.

There was no flood for the barrage since 2009. However, given the state of affairs at Prakasam Barrage, a fresh flood could endanger the project and the city, which is going to be the temporary capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Will someone look into this?

- Sakshipost

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